ICONA Resorts Is on The Move Again!

ICONA Resorts Acquires Third Hotel in South Jersey to Expand its Luxury Hospitality Brand across Cape May County.

Cape May, NJ, January 13, 2015 – ICONA Resorts has purchased its third hotel in Cape May County, The Palace Hotel of Cape May, which will undergo a complete renovation and become ICONA Cape May.

The luxury resort group was recently in the news for purchasing the Golden Inn four weeks prior to acquiring The Palace.

These acquisitions are part of ICONA Resorts’ strategy and mission to expand its luxury brand’s 5-star experience along the east coast. ICONA strives to deliver excellence in property development and service for its resorts through first class hospitality.

ICONA plans to rebuild the oceanfront hotel and convert it into a luxury property. Since the property is just a few miles away, all guests of ICONA Cape May will be automatically enrolled in the ICONA Diamond Beach Club. The conversion will begin in January.


ICONA Resorts created a new brand of beachfront luxury. Its mission is to deliver excellence along the east coast with properties in Diamond Beach, Avalon and now Cape May. ICONA Resorts not only develops and brands their hotels, they also manage the resorts to ensure that the exceptional service is consistent with the luxurious accommodations they provide.

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Media contact:

Molly Mita

Manager, Public Relations ICONA Resorts